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Ensuring Compliance with Senate Bills 4-D & 154 for Condominium and Cooperative Associations

Senate Bills 4-D & 154 mandate milestone inspections, performed by an architect or engineer, for condominium and cooperative association buildings.  Particularly those buildings three or more stories in height, to assess structural integrity. 

Required inspection milestones:

  • When a building reaches 30 years of age and every 10 years thereafter, or

  • When a building reaches 25 years of age and every 10 years thereafter, if deemed necessary by local enforcement agencies based on environmental conditions, including proximity to seawater.

For a comprehensive summary of Senate Bills and SB 4-D – Building Safety and CS/CS/SB 154: Condominium and Cooperative Associations,” please refer to the following links.

Bryntesen Engineering's Approach:

We are dedicated to ensuring seamless project delivery, prioritizing quality, and meeting city deadlines. Our team of experienced engineers and inspectors meticulously plan each phase of the process, beginning with a Phase I assessment of the structure. We prepare detailed reports and can facilitate filing with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) on behalf of the client.

Additionally, we evaluate and develop action plans for addressing any potential deterioration identified during the Phase I assessment, ensuring compliance with Senate Bill requirements, and avoiding Phase II implications.

Client-Focused Service for Safety and Longevity:

At Bryntesen Engineering, our experts are committed to providing client-focused service to safeguard the safety of residents and the longevity of their buildings. We understand the importance of compliance with Senate Bills 4-D & 154 and are dedicated to guiding our clients through every step of the inspection and evaluation process.

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