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Features and Benefits of Tunnel Form Concrete Design
21 min read
Tunnel form concrete design integrates speed, strength, and efficiency in construction. This innovative technique involves casting walls and slabs in one operation...
Building Code Update – Ensure Your Projects Remain Compliant
14 min read
In case you missed it, the 8th edition of the Florida Building Code has been in effect since December 31, 2023. Please note the following highlights...
10 min read
In the realm of modern architecture, designers and builders continually seek innovative techniques to create striking, cost-effective, and efficient structures. Tilt...
4 min read
We’ve moved! February, 2006 we opened our new office doors at the southwest corner of Federal highway
blog 01
3 min read
The Florida First Coast Chapter of the American Concrete Institute recognized Jacksonville Dodge as a significant concrete structure at the 2004 awards banquet...